90 Day Reset and Rebuild Program with Anu

Our Comprehensive Group Program Goes Beyond Just Weight Loss And Our Patients Report Experiencing So Many Amazing Results! WHY? Because our proprietary process simultaneously nurtures and refreshes the mind, body, and spirit!

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I am a National Board-Certified Functional Health coach and a Plant Based Chef. I believe that Optimal Health is our birthright, and it is up to us to claim it. My role as a health coach is to empower you to take the next step you feel is right in your journey to Optimal Health!

If you are wondering where or how to begin this journey the first step is to schedule a 30 min free consult with me.

Schedule a 30 min free consult.

I was able to heal my body with the right food and lifestyle choices for me. I will guide you as you embark on this journey to Optimal Health. What are you waiting for?

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Anu Simh

Nine Arms of Wellness- Optimal Health
Optimal Health - Nine Arms of Wellness

Optimal Health is your birthright.

Let me help you claim yours using my Nine Arms of Wellness Philosophy


Food can have one of two impacts - it can nourish your body and support your wellness goals, or it can cause inflammation. During the next 12 weeks, you will learn how to focus not just on what to eat but when and how to eat.


Many of us in the western world have never experienced hunger. We often mistake thirst for hunger, because most of us are severely dehydrated. We will focus on restoring and maintaining hydration.


Sleep is not a waste of time. It is the most important thing we need to do every night to get ready for the next day. Sleep is when repairs to the body are done, and our brain sends instructions to prepare us for the next day. In this program you will learn to optimize sleep and build a good sleep routine.


Movement should be a joyful expression of your body that unites you with your body, mind and the present moment. Movement should bring a smile to your face, instead of being another thing that you do on autopilot. In the next 12 weeks, we will invite your body to heal by implementing a movement that is healing in nature, rather than stressful and time-consuming.


Research shows us that our lungs are the primary excretory organ for fat. During the next 12 weeks, you will learn how to breathe for optimal health. As research shows us, proper breath decreases snoring and morning fatigue, mitigates stress, and improves exercise performance. In addition, the breathing techniques I will teach you will increase heart rate variability.


Community is one of the most important aspects of health and longevity. As Jim Rohn said, “you are the average of the 5 people you spend time with.” In this program you will connect with others on a similar journey. In our group, we will have weekly Q&A’s where we come together as a community to answer your questions, as well as breathwork sessions and meditations.


Toxins can be both internal and external. Internal toxins like the trauma you may be carrying from events from your childhood can prevent you from healing completely. External toxins like Environmental toxins can increase the risk of weight gain and type 2 diabetes. We dedicate a whole module of our course to cleaning up the toxins in your home - starting from the usual culprits all the way to hidden toxins and heavy metals.


Self-care begins with self-compassion and love. Your journey to becoming the best version of yourself starts with loving yourself first. Throughout this program, we will help you leverage self-love by teaching you wonderful techniques like Abhyanga, Yoga, Pranayama, and other stress-reducing techniques.


In a 8-weeks study, it was found that mindfulness meditation reduces the inflammatory response caused by stress. It reduces stress and anxiety and in turn, increases awareness and focus. In this program we teach you mindfulness techniques so that you have better awareness of the connection between your body and mind.

"I lost weight and gained energy"

Optimal Health

My Story

It was the summer of 2010. I was entering Menopause. My gut was a mess. I was a mess. Everything I ate made me feel bloated. I was constipated one day fine the next day. I was tired all the time. My mood was no longer stable. I stopped trusting my body. My reaction to food was all over the place. I was always skinny but all of a sudden I started adding some pounds! I went to so many doctors. The most irritating part of it all was my symptoms were dismissed as something trivial!

Anu changed my life for the better this past year! She was exactly what I needed to get back into shape and learn what my body really needed! The reason Anu’s method works is because she doesn’t just tell you what you need to do; she actually helps YOU decide on your own goals... read more

Dr. Deepu

I approached Anu about 6 months ago because I was tired of struggling with the weight I had gained over the years and I wanted to get healthy. Working with Anu I have lost over 28 lbs, lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol through diet and lifestyle modifications. I have learned healthy…

Priscilla M.

When I first reached out to Anu I was mentally sluggish, overmedicated for my thyroid condition and was struggling with high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Within 60 days my A1 c went down from 5.7 to 5.3 and I was able to get off the medication . The most significant overall change that…

Gayle F.

I instantly felt safe working with Anu, she was extremely caring, vigilant, and adaptive to my non-vegan lifestyle and personal goals and needs. She listened to my concerns and helped me find the root of what was causing me such severe pain and discomfort. I highly recommend Anu if you would…

Molly W.

Understanding that I can use food to heal myself was an incredibly powerful realization and put me in control of my own health. Anu will specialize a program just for you and gently, respectfully, and very lovingly move you in the direction of the health and well being you desire and deserve.

Celestine T.

I have learned a truly healthy way to eat and to create an enjoyable life long lifestyle, which was my goal! I not only feel better, but I have also seen NOTABLE IMPROVEMENTS IN MY METABOLISM with RESULTING IN WEIGHT LOSS. The bonus is that...

Rachel S.

In my busy Pilates studio I always talk to my clients about their overall wellbeing. When I feel that they might need some extra help with their diet, I am very happy to refer them to Anu Simh since I know that she will care for them as much as I do and that they WILL BENEFIT ENORMOUSLY from…

Fiona A.

When I met Anu I felt tired, fat and sluggish. My cholesterol and A1 C were both high. Since I’ve seen Anu, (3 months), both my cholesterol and A1C have lowered significantly. I feel so much lighter in my body! I HAVE MORE ENERGY! I'VE LOST 10lbs! My belly is flatter and I don’t feel bloated...

Lisa W.

I was struggling with Constipation, weight gain, concern over high fat vs low fat foods and a pending kidney donation when I reached out to Anu. I lost 16 LBS, have a far more regular digestion, a stable protocol of supplements, a successful kidney donation and a commitment to healthy eating...


I am excited to share my journey to health and happiness! I met Anu at a business meeting and was instantly captivated by her. She looked healthy, feminine, and beautiful, I on the other hand sat there in my chair with overwhelming fatigue. I imagined what life would be like to be her. I wanted her…

Kelly C.


Health coaches are experts on human behavior, motivation, and health. They are “change agents” who help their clients set and achieve health goals and build new habits.