It was the summer of 2010. I was entering Menopause. My gut was a mess. I was a mess. Everything I ate made me feel bloated. I was constipated one day fine the next day. I was tired all the time. My mood was no longer stable. I stopped trusting my body. My reaction to food was all over the place. I was always skinny but all of a sudden I started adding some pounds! I went to so many doctors. The most irritating part of it all was my symptoms were dismissed as something trivial!

It finally dawned on me that no one knows my body better than myself. I decided to start listening to my body. I researched, put my science background to work and slowly made changes in my diet and within a few months I was feeling so much better.

Optimal Health

In a nutshell, I finally understood the meaning of nourishment. I began to nourish my body physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Today I feel healthy in body, mind and spirit. In fact, I can go as far as to say this is the best I’ve felt in my life. I trust my body because I know I am nourishing it in a holistic way.

This is why I’m passionate about supporting you claim your optimal Health. Your problems and symptoms may be different from the ones I struggled with but the feeling of Vibrant Health and living a life that allows you to participate in all the activities you love like golf, working out at the gym, running, hiking, walking your dog or just fitting into your favorite pair of jeans is universal.

Anu Simh 30 Min


As you can probably tell by now, my approach is about sharing simple, effective ways to lose weight.I won’t require you to count calories or spend hours in the kitchen. Though food prep is essential, I’ll share time-saving tips and quick meal ideas. Ask anyone who knows me… I *love* good food, so you can bet that I’ll be sharing recipes and meal ideas you’ll love (including desserts!). My philosophy is Let food be thy medicine. When your body is fueled by the RIGHT foods, the weight will naturally release and you will feel better than ever.

I am a National Board Certified Functional Health Coach . My degree is Science focused . Additionally I have an MA in Spanish from Middlebury college.

I use my Plant based Chef training to come up with healthy and yummy choices for my clients. My culinary training and my science background helped me start a plant based company Anuway.

I received my Health Coaching training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I studied with the world’s top health and wellness experts including: Deepak Chopra, MD, World Leader in Mind-Body Medicine, Director of Education at The Chopra Center, Bestselling Author; David Katz, MD, MPH, Authority on Preventive Medicine and Weight Management, Director of the Yale Prevention Research Center; Andrew Weil, MD, Bestselling Author and Expert on Integrative Medicine and Mind-Body Interactions; Walter Willett, MD, DrPH, Chair of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard’s School of Public Health and Bestselling Author; Mark Hyman, MD, Director at Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, Founder and Medical Director of The UltraWellness Center, Chairman of the board of the Institute for Functional Medicine, Bestselling Author; and many other leading researchers and nutrition authorities.

I am also Certified Function Health Coach from the FNL full body systems. Through my Nine arms of wellness program I will teach you the value of using food as medicine, practical lifestyle management techniques, interactive and integrative approach that pulls from over 100 dietary theories; everything from Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, gluten-free, and Paleo, to raw, vegan, and macrobiotics, and everything in between.My education has equipped me with extensive, cutting-edge knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and prevention.

My practice is located in San Diego and I support clients nationwide. I offer personal one on one coaching as well as group coaching.

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What does “functional” mean?

The word functional means useful and whole. So As a functional health coach my job is to dig deeper and find out what going on in your body. In other words, not just treating your symptoms but getting to the root of the problem.

What is the underlying problem?

What is not functioning in your body?

Why are you not functioning optimally?

How can you as a Functional Health Coach help me?

First of all I am not your coach if you are looking for a crash diet, losing a few pounds for a cruise or a friend’s wedding. I am your coach if you are deeply interested in taking your health to the next level. As your coach I am not going to tell you what to eat. You and I will form a therapeutic partnership. I will look at your entire body and see how one organ is affecting another. Let’s say you come to me with symptoms of feeling low , fatigue or weight gain . I will look at what else is happening in the body. For example: How is your digestion? Sleep? Stress level. You and I will map out all of it and decide where to start. My mantra is Fix your gut Fix your life so your digestion may be our first stop.

What is Functional Medicine?

Regardless of the Functional doctor you go to a good one will keep it simple. They will figure out the root cause of your symptoms by asking the right questions.

As a Functional Health coach my training helps me ask the right questions to get to the most important question which is: : “Why is my clients body not functioning optimally?

What is your protocol for working with your clients?

I offer a free 30-minute discovery session to see if you and I are a good fit. Once you decide to sign on as a client, I will send you a comprehensive Intake form that will give me a pretty good snapshot of who you are and your where you are as far as your health.

I personalize the 3 month protocol based on your bio individuality. Bio individuality is determined by many factors like genes, environment both inside and outside, toxin exposure, microbiome and much more. Taking all of this into account is how I honor you as my client. You and I will talk about what are some of your primary concerns and we will together clear the muddy waters. It could be eliminating certain things that are acting as triggers in your life.

I use my program the 9 arms of wellness to help me help you! Other fine tuning could be looking at your Digestion, Blood sugar, Thyroid etc.