Health and Wellness is not something you find in a Doctor’s office. It is dependent on you and how you live your life. According to Wellness Inventory creator, Dr. John Travis, Wellness is not the absence of Illness. He came up with the Illness-Wellness Continuum that illustrates the relationship of the treatment paradigm to the wellness paradigm.There are actually many degrees of wellness, just as there are many degrees of illness.
Illness Wellness

Wellness is not a static state. The Illness Wellness Continuum speaks to me because many clients who come to me are ill and going through treatments with their doctors but that does not mean they cannot aspire for high level Wellness. Even death can be from a place of wellness.

Nine arms of wellness was born because of my belief in a holistic approach to high level wellness. Sure eating a kale salad helps but Wellness is much more than that! Your overall High wellness includes your Physical , Mental, Spiritual, Envoirnmental, and Social Wellness.

Are you ready to feel vibrant in your body and finally experience the benefits of Optimal Health?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. No matter how much you’ve struggled in the past, I know you can finally have the health you desire!
Optimal Health - Nine Arms of Wellness

Let me show you how

I specialize in working with individuals (just like you!) who believe Optimal Health is their birthright and I help them claim it. I do this by taking them through my Nine Arms of Wellness program that is based on getting to the root of the problem instead of chasing symptoms. Regardless of the symptom be it weight gain, fatigue, joint pain, digestive distrees we can get to the bottom of it by figuring out the root cause.

Schedule a FREE 30 minute Transformational Optimal Health Activation Session! During this session we’ll discuss your vision for your health, some of the obstacles that stand in your way, and how I can help feel your best in a natural sustainable way without a myriad of medications.

Schedule your FREE 30 min Transformational Optimal Health Activation Session!